Effective commercial dry floor cleaning methods in Columbus

At Brilliant Dry Carpet Care, we use a novel technique that is more efficient and yields results that are superior to traditional methods.  Our methods are environmentally friendly, and leave your carpet dry and immediately ready to use - you won't even be able to tell that we were there, other than by the newly rejuvenated carpet of course.

Where do traditional methods fall short?

The most common mistake people make trying to clean their own carpets is through the excess use of water. To visualize this problem, you can compare a carpet piling to a wall; if you use a sponge that is oversaturated, the excess water will run down the way towards the floor (carrying dirt with it). The same thing will happen to a carpet piling, making it difficult to get that deep clean. Using more  soap and water is usually counterproductive because of this.

We take a different approach

We are able to get the results we're known for largely thanks to our use of HOST cleaning products. Their Dry Extraction Cleaner employs proprietary extractorSPONGES that use only as much liquid as is needed to break up water and oil-based dirt. After the debris is broken up, it is promptly absorbed and removed - all without leaving sticky residue behind. Any trace left behind is easily removed by a single pass with a vacuum.
Carpet in the room
Carpet in the room

The benefits of HOST products

The fact is, HOST products have the cleaning power necessary to bust even the most stubborn dirt and grease. However, this is accomplished using 100% organic, non-toxic materials and solutions. The lack of debris and residue left behind prevents your carpet from becoming resoiled, allowing you to immediately get back to your daily routine.
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