Suffering From Allergies?
Now is the perfect time to get your carpet professionally dry cleaned! We'll get rid of the dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, and pet hair, leaving you with clean carpet that's ready for normal traffic! Call today for details!

We take a different approach

We'll get the stuff that you can't see in your carpet!
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How It Works

1. One Easy Phone Call!
To get started with a cleaning job, schedule a service with us! One of our experienced technicians will pick up the phone and begin discussing the details with you. We’ll hash out your square footage, type of flooring, and when we can drop by. Our team handles both commercial and residential work. We can clean carpet, tile & grout, vinyl floors, and even more.
2. Cleaning TimeWhen we drop by for your cleaning job, we’ll take our innovative HOST cleaning technology to your flooring. First, our Dry Extraction Cleaner will break up your oil-based dirt with extractorSPONGES. Then the Cleaner will absorb the debris quickly and efficiently. We’ll finish up with a quick vacuuming job, and you’re done!
3. Time to RelaxNow you can enjoy that new clean floor and breathe allergen-free air again. Our cleaning methods leave your carpet totally dry, so it's ready to walk on without any wait. We never leave any sticky residue behind. Your floor is now ready for anything you throw at it!

Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

At Brilliant Dry Carpet Care, we use only industry-leading cleaning techniques to provide you with the sanitized carpet, tile, or vinyl floor you want. That’s why we choose HOST cleaning products only. We chose to use this innovative dry carpet cleaning technique thanks to its efficiency and its eco-friendliness. With us, your carpet will be ready to use after we leave, and you’ll breathe clean, allergen-free air.


Why Is HOST Cleaning Superior?

Traditional carpet cleaning methods lean on plain water and soap. It’s a common mistake that actually does more harm than good. When you clean with water, your carpet will act like a sponge that soaks up the water. Your dirt and grease will simply seep deeper into the floor. But our deep-cleaning HOST cleaning blasts your carpet fibers with high-tech, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that eliminate grime.

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